GENEVA UPDATE: Ambassador Kirk Attends Breakfast on the Enhanced Integrated Framework

This morning in Geneva, Switzerland, Ambassador Ron Kirk participated in a breakfast discussion of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), a multi-organization, multi-donor program that coordinates trade-related assistance to least-developed countries.  Topics included ongoing efforts to implement the EIF, how the Framework can help least-developed countries with accession to the WTO, and how additional funding might be mobilized.

Ambassador Kirk today noted that President Obama’s 2009 Trade Policy Agenda includes a commitment to be a strong partner to developing countries, especially the poorest developing countries, and conveyed the Obama Administration’s intention to continue support for the Enhanced Integrated Framework through bilateral assistance and on-the-ground presence in least-developed countries.  This will include the work of USAID  and the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Since 2001, the United States has cumulatively provided nearly $2 billion in Aid for Trade to countries participating in the EIF.