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USTR recognizes the critical importance of intellectual property and innovation to the enhanced productivity and future growth of the U.S. economy.

The Office of Intellectual Property and Innovation at USTR uses a wide range of bilateral and multilateral trade tools to promote strong intellectual property laws and effective enforcement worldwide.  Key tools include:

  • bilateral engagement with U.S. trading partners;
  • the annual “Special 301” review, and reviews of compliance with the intellectual property requirements of U.S. trade preference programs;
  • negotiation of intellectual property chapters of bilateral and regional trade agreements; and
  • multilateral engagement through the World Trade Organization (WTO).

USTR leads the Administration’s efforts in these areas, working in coordination with other agencies.  USTR also provides trade policy leadership and expertise across the full range of interagency initiatives to enhance protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

In addition to its focus on intellectual property, USTR’s Office of Intellectual Property and Innovation develops and implements trade policy in support of vital U.S. innovations, including those in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.

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