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As President Bush stated when he signed the Trade Act of 2002, “History shows that as nations become more prosperous, their citizens will demand, and can afford, a cleaner environment.” Understanding that advancing trade and environmental objectives are mutually supportive, the U.S. Government has been very active in promoting a trade policy agenda that pursues economic growth in a manner that integrates economic, social, and environmental policies.

To help maximize the complementary effect of our trade and environmental policies, the Bush Administration announced in April 2001 that it would continue the policy of conducting environmental reviews of trade agreements under Executive Order 13141 (1999) and implementing guidelines. The Order and implementing guidelines require careful assessment and consideration of the environmental impacts of trade agreements, including detailed written reviews of environmentally significant trade agreements.

In addition, the U.S. Government continues to take an active role in the WTO Committee on Trade and Environment (CTE) to put into effect the WTO’s commitment to the simultaneous promotion of trade, expanded environmental improvement, and economic growth and development.

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