Office of the United States Trade Representative
Environmental Submissions to the WTO

August 1, 2007 | U.S. Fish Subsides Proposal

May 9, 2006 | Paper on Market Access for Environmental Goods from Canada, European Communities, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States

May 9, 2006 | Fisheries Subsidies Paper from the United States

November 22, 2005 | Fisheries Subsidies Paper from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Iceland, New Zealand, Pakistann, Peru and the United States

December 13, 2004 | Additional Views on the Structure of the Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations

June 21, 2004 | Sub-Paragraph 31(I) of the Doha Declaration

July 7, 2003 | Market Access for Non-Agricultural Products

June 19, 2003 | Liberalizing Environmental Goods in the WTO: Approaching the Definition Issue

April 29, 2003 | Paragraph 33 of the Doha Declaration

March 19, 2003 | Possible Approaches to Improved Disciplines on Fisheries Subsidies

February 10, 2003 | Sub-Paragraph 31(I) of the Doha Declaration

October 15, 2002 | Adverse Trade and Conservation Effects of Fisheries Subsidies

July 2, 2002 | Negotiations on Environmental Goods

June 6, 2002 | Contribution of the United States on Paragraph 31(ii) of the Doha Ministerial Declaration

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