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Statement from USTR Ambassador Susan C. Schwab and USDA Secretary Mike Johanns on Doha Round

June 21, 2007



Postdam, Germany - Statement from USTR Ambassador Susan C.
Schwab and USDA Secretary Mike Johanns on Doha Round:

The United States is deeply disappointed
with the outcome of this week’s negotiations. 

For the past six years we have pursued an agreement in the
Doha Round that will spur economic growth and development - especially in the
world’s poorest countries - by creating new trade flows and disciplining
subsidies.  To meet the Doha Round’s promise, developed and advanced
developing economies need to open their domestic markets for agricultural goods,
industrial products, and services. 

We came this week with the commitment to make significant
progress towards a successful Round. Unfortunately, this week’s negotiations
could not generate political consensus to meaningfully open markets to new trade
- particularly in manufactured goods.

The U.S. has worked tirelessly to build
an international consensus to launch the Round, we sustained it at critical
junctures, and recently showed even more flexibility to achieve success. 
Regrettably, some key Members continue to be unwilling to show the same
flexibility and not even minimal additional market access was put on the table.

Consistent with Congress’ grant of Trade Promotion
Authority to this Administration, we have consistently pushed for economically
strong trade agreements for the United States - and we will continue
to do so. The United
States remains deeply committed to providing
leadership to help advance the World Trade Organization and the rules-based
multilateral trading system from which we benefit greatly. We look forward to
speaking with Director - General Pascal Lamy and other WTO members about next