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Statement by USTR Schwab on Senate Passage of the Peru Trade Promotion Agreement



"This strong bipartisan vote by the United States Senate for the Peru Trade Promotion Agreement will ensure a vibrant two-way trade relationship and enduring friendship in our hemisphere.  Currently, nearly all products from Peru enter the U.S. market duty
free. With this agreement, American farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, service
providers, and their employees will gain reciprocal access to
Peru’s growing market. 
Peru’s people, meanwhile, will lock
in access to the largest market in the world and be able to attract more

“With the strong votes by both Chambers of Congress, we
are sending a strong signal to the world that the United States is
regaining its bipartisan footing on trade policy and is a reliable ally to
countries that are building political and economic freedom.  I applaud the
leadership of Chairman Baucus and Senator Grassley in demonstrating yet again
their determination to put the interests of the nation ahead of
partisanship.  I am eager to work with Congress to ensure the pending free
trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and Korea are voted
on promptly.”

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