USTR - Peru Trade Promotion Agreement
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The Office of the United States Trade Representative

Peru Trade Promotion Agreement

Summaries and Text

PTPA Implementing Legislation and Supporting Documentation

Brief Summary of the Peru Trade Promotion Agreement

Detailed Summary of the Peru Trade Promotion Agreement

Full Text of the Agreement (English)

Full Text of the Agreement (Spanish)

Overview of Agreement’s Benefits

The Case for the U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement

What they’re saying: U.S. Business and Agriculture Support the Peru TPA

Broad Support for Peru, Colombia, and Panama Trade Promotion Agreements

Benefits for U.S. Workers and Businesses

Sector-by-Sector Industry Benefits

U.S. Merchandise Exports to Peru: A State Perspective

State-by-State Benefits from the PTPA

Benefits for U.S. Farmers, Ranchers, and Growers

PTPA Opens Doors to U.S. Agriculture

Agriculture Benefits to Individual Sectors

State-by-State Agricultural Benefits from the PTPA

Agriculture Export Guide to Peru

Reports on the Agreement

ITC Report

Advisory Committee Reports

Interim Environmental Review

Labor Reports

Specific Issues

Real Results on Labor Rights

PTPA: Benefiting the Environment through Improved Forest Sector Governance

Significant Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Improvements

U.S.-Peru TPA Protects U.S. Ports

May 10 Bipartisan Agreement

Press Releases