USTR - Morocco Free Trade Agreement
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The Office of the United States Trade Representative

Morocco Free Trade Agreement
Morocco FTA Recent News
Selection 03/14/2008 | Joint Committee Decision on Government Procurement
Selection 07/19/04 | Morocco FTA Access to Medicines Fact Sheet
Selection 07/19/04 | U.S.-Morocco FTA Textile Fact Sheet
Selection 07/19/04 | Fact Sheet on U.S. Exports to Morocco
Selection 07/06/04 | U.S. Morocco FTA Ag Provisions
Selection 06/23/04 | Fact Sheet on Labor in Morocco FTA
Selection 06/14/04 | U.S. & Morocco Sign FTA
Selection 06/15/04 | Transcript of Morocco FTA Signing
Selection White House Statement
Selection Backgrounder
Selection Quotes of Support
Morocco FTA Background
Selection Advisory Committee Reports
Selection Federal Register Notices
Selection Transcripts
Selection Letters to Congress
Selection Final Text of the Morocco Free Trade Agreement
Selection Final Environmental Review
Selection Related U.S.-Morocco FTA Website
Selection Information on Trade Capacity Building
Document Library
Selection Press Releases
Selection Fact Sheets
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