Office of the United States Trade Representative
FY2003 Government Performance and Results Act Performance Plan

GPRA Performance Plan (includes Table of Contents)

Appendices 1-4

  • I. Legislative Background
  • II. Executive Branch Agencies on the Trade Policy Staff Committee
  • III. Congressional Committees Regularly Consulted on Trade Policy
  • IV. List of Advisory Committees

Appendix 5: Completed Annual Performance Goals

Appendices 6-8

  • VI. Trade-Related Matters
  • VII. List of WTO Accession Applicants
  • VIII. Current Dispute Settlement Proceedings

Appendix 9: U.S. Trade-Related Agreements

Appendices 10-11

  • X. Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Negotiations in which USTR Participates
  • XI. List of Frequently Used Acronyms

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