Office of the United States Trade Representative
Op-Eds on the WTO
Still Ready to Talk
Op/ed by USTR Susan Schwab in the Wall Street Journal
More Trade, Less Poverty
Op/ed by USTR Susan Schwab in the Wall Street Journal
Keeping Doha Alive
Op-ed by USTR Rob Portman Washington Times
The Terms of Trade: Will We Make History in Hong Kong?
Op-ed by USTR Rob Portman Wall Street Journal
America's proposal to kickstart the Doha trade talks
Op-ed by USTR Rob Portman Financial Times
Kick-starting global trade talks
Op-Ed by USTR Rob Portman International Herald Tribune
Remember Seattle: Mixed Signals Are Bad for Trade
America will not wait for the won't-do countries
Committed in Cancun
Unleashing the Trade Winds
Bringing Down the Barriers
The U.S. is prepared to tackle its own trade-distorting policies on agriculture if others agree to do the same

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