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Morocco FTA

What They're Saying about the U.S.- Morocco Free Trade Agreement:

“The US - Morocco FTA Coalition is very pleased with the timely conclusion of the FTA negotiations between our two countries. We strongly believe this important and historic agreement will strengthen and expand our bilateral economic and trade relationship.”

--US - Morocco FTA Coalition

“The recently concluded US - Morocco Free Trade Agreement is an important milestone and will help strengthen the economies of both nations…[w]e’re looking forward to the implementation…because it will make existing investments such as ours more sustainable and cost efficient.”

--CMS Energy

“A strong US - Morocco Free Trade Agreement…would enhance the protection of creative works and create new market opportunities for both the US and Morocco.”

--Entertainment Industry Coalition for Free Trade (EIC)

“The US - Morocco free trade agreement is important as we continue toward a truly level playing field for all the world’s economies.”

--The Boeing Company

“Ambassador Zoellick and his negotiators deserve the highest praise for achieving high standards of copyright protection. High standards of copyright protection are important for the development of Morocco’s creative industries, and will set important precedents that we hope will lead to adoption of similar standards in North Africa and the Arab world.”

--International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA)

“This agreement is another indication that Bob Zoellick and his team place a high priority on improving the protection of the intellectual property rights of composers, performers and record labels around the world. Time and again, the free trade agreements negotiated by our trade representative, including this one with Morocco, have included important provisions that strengthen the rights of creators. Along with this agreement, they have compiled an impressive track record of free trade agreements that promote our economic competitiveness and protect the works of the intellectual property industries.”

-- Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

“This FTA completes another U.S.T.R. building block in the Middle East Free Trade Agreement (MEFTA). The FTA establishes strong legal standards for protecting intellectual property, which encourages the search for new therapies and cures for patients…[and] sets an excellent precedent for the rest of the Mahgreb and for the Middle East region.”


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