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Chile FTA: Quotes of Support

What They're Saying about the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement:

"This historic agreement sets new standards for open trade, and will be of tremendous benefit to U.S. business and to the U.S. and Chilean economies."
–U.S.-Chile Free Trade Coalition

"The U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement and other agreements now being negotiated will stimulate U.S. economic growth by opening new markets and providing new opportunities for our companies, workers and farmers."
–The Business Roundtable

"The Bush Administration has finalized a U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement that the American Farm Bureau Federation believes addresses our top agricultural trade concerns with Chile... We believe the agreement will bring an overall positive outcome for U.S. agriculture..."
–American Farm Bureau Federation

"Our future depends on expanding access for U.S. pork in foreign markets...we are supportive of trade agreements such as this one with Chile which provide new opportunity to our producers."
–National Pork Producers Council

"For services, the agreement as we now understand it achieves very important cross-cutting and sectoral objectives long sought by CSI and its members... [this is] the first trade agreement that has ever committed another country to apply the same high standards of regulatory transparency that we enjoy in the U.S."
–Coalition of Service Industries

"The Chile agreement is one of the first dividends that American firms and workers can expect from the recent enactment of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). We will benefit, Chile will benefit, and hopefully all of South America will benefit..."
–The National Association of Manufacturers

"[A]greements with the United States are correctly perceived to be in a league of their own, both because of the preeminence of the U.S. market and because U.S. negotiators have the most exacting standards in the world. The agreement with Chile reflects those high standards–an agreement par excellence."
–Council of the Americas

"A final agreement will pave the way to a substantial expansion of trade ties between the U.S. and Chile once it is implemented. It will immediately boost bilateral trade and investment opportunities, to the ultimate benefit of both nations."
–United States Chamber of Commerce

"The U.S. Chile Free Trade agreement represents a landmark achievement on market access for the filmed entertainment industry. This Agreement demonstrates that a trade agreement can harmonize two important objectives– trade liberalization and the promotion of cultural diversity."
–Motion Picture Association

"This agreement will not only improve business and create jobs, but will also enhance the critical infrastructure necessary to realize the full benefits of free trade between the United States and Chile."
–The Air Courier Conference of America

"This agreement is a solid achievement, and the Global Business Dialogue strongly supports it. It is rich in market opportunities for U.S. and Chilean producers, and equally rich in structural provisions in areas like investment and the movement of personnel... One has to conclude that there is now real momentum behind a global trade agenda."
–The Global Business Dialogue

"[The agreement] provides for benefits to the U.S. high-tech industry in the areas of e-commerce development, services liberalization, customs administration, regulatory transparency, intellectual property protection, government procurement, and business facilitation."
–AeA, Advancing the Business of Technology

"This FTA with Chile will do away with longstanding trade barriers on our exports. It cuts tariffs and opens markets for U.S. beef and beef products. For cattle producers, Chile is a prime candidate for increased export market opportunities."
–National Cattlemen's Beef Association

"The Recording Industry Association of America salutes the Administration's successful conclusion of the bilateral free trade agreement with Chile. Securing effective copyright protection is critical to national and global economic competitiveness and the promotion of cultural diversity."
–The Recording Industry Association of America

"The Chilean Free Trade Agreement is very promising for the technology industry. Not only does the agreement bolster our relations with a dynamic, high-growth economy, but it also includes important provisions for e-commerce and information technology companies."
–Association for Competitive Technology

"The U.S.-Chile free trade agreement is directly in line with GMA's goal of increased global market access, and we are pleased with the innovative elements aimed at eliminating competitive disadvantages for U.S. products in Chile."
–Grocery Manufacturers of America

"We are very pleased that the Free Trade Area (FTA) negotiations between the U.S. and Chile have concluded successfully after two years of negotiations. This agreement is good news for our industries and gives each of us the vehicle we need to pursue our trade and competitiveness agendas."
–American Forest & Paper Association

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