USTR - U.S.-Australia FTA Quotes of Support
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The Office of the United States Trade Representative

U.S.-Australia FTA Quotes of Support

"This superb agreement can result in close to 2 billion dollars in new US manufactured goods exports…making this the most front-loaded FTA ever."
-- Jerry Jasinowski, NAM President

"The US-Australia free trade agreement will significantly further economic growth in America. Tariffs will be eliminated for more than 99% of US products…this will mean increased output and new jobs in our nation."
--John J. Castellani, BRT President

"When passed by Congress, this agreement will immediately eliminate tariffs on 99.5% of all trade between the two countries. This is the most significant reduction of industrial tariffs ever achieved in a US free trade agreement…American workers will benefit most from this deal, especially manufacturing jobs."
--Anne Wexler, AAFTAC Chair

"By eliminating tariffs on US manufactured goods a free trade agreement between Australia and the United States enhances Caterpillar's competitiveness and strengthens the company's ability to serve Australian dealers and customers. In addition to US manufacturers, other big FTA winners will be consumers in both countries who will gain duty-free access to a wide range of products."
--Bill Lane, Caterpillar, Inc.

"The MPAA applauds Ambassador Zoellick…for concluding a Free Trade Agreement containing state of the art copyright rules that will help US and Australian creators alike protect their intellectual property…(its) a first-rate Agreement that provides full protection for the American films and TV programs."
--Motion Picture Association of America

"This agreement will further solidify our economic ties, and provide our businesses and farmers with greater access to an important market. Lower tariffs and greater market opportunities will result in more US jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector. This momentous agreement is clearly a win-win for both nations."
--Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn

"On balance, this is a good agreement that will provide benefits to our manufacturing, services and technology sectors."
--Congressman Cal Dooley

"NPPC consistently supports free trade agreements such as this one…(and) continues to support bilateral and regional agreements because increased market access will help the bottom line of all US pork producers."
--NPPC President Jon Caspers

"USTR followed our recommendation to retain over-quota duty rates."
--Dairy Trade Coalition

"The agreement contemplates more comprehensive and more modern protections and improved enforcement measures for Australia, which will be good for the copyright industries, for jobs, and ultimately for consumers, in both countries. Ambassador Zoellick and his team deserve praise for insisting on setting world-class standards in this agreement for copyright protection and enforcement."
--IIPA President Eric H. Smith

"The Coalition of Service Industries (CSI) today expressed approval of the measures contained in the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to lock in US access to a diverse range of Australian service markets."
--Coalition of Service Industries

"The free trade agreement facilitates narrowing the discrepancies of Australian and American consumer credit delivery systems…(and) will contribute tremendously to our economy."
--Randy Lively, AFSA President and CEO

"I'm pleased that we were able to conclude a trade agreement with Australia. Australia is an important ally, and we need to do all we can to ensure a healthy and vibrant trading relationship. However, I'm also disappointed by several aspects of the agreement."
--Senator Chuck Grassley

"Our best hopes were not realized through the negotiations, but neither were our worst fears."
--NMPF President Jerry Kozak

"We are very disappointed that the US-Australia FTA did not address the inequities inherent in the AWB monopoly."
--US Wheat Associates

"While certainly not a "win" for U.S. beef producers, USTR Chief Agricultural Negotiator Al Johnson and his team did a solid job of negotiating an agreement that includes permanent tools designed to deal with potential market disruptions between the world's two largest beef trading nations."
--The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA)

"This is an important milestone for trade between developed nations…the immediate cut in industrial tariffs is unmatched in any FTA, opening up major new trading opportunities for both the United States and Australia."
--Bill Reinsch, NFTC President

"(T)he Agreement provides an important framework for further growth and integration of the American and Australian markets."
--Frances Cassidy, American Australian Association President

"The Agreement will provide massive opportunities for Australian companies of all sizes to gain access to the world's largest market"
--Hugh Morgan, Business Council of Australia President

"The agreement is a victory for U.S. distilled spirits exporters and Australian consumers"
--Debbie Lamb, Senior VP, Trade, Distilled Spirits Council

"This is an important free trade agreement that will help stimulate economic growth and job creation in the U.S. equipment manufacturing sector… It is truly representative of the 'free and fair trade' ideal sought by AEM."
--Dennis Slater, AEM President

"We very much welcome free trade agreements such as this that serve to expand the benefits of trade liberalization to all parties…Australia is a good friend to the U.S. and a significant trading partner."
--Malcolm O'Hagan, NEMA President

"U.S. soda ash production employs 20,000 workers directly and indirectly, and immediately eliminating Australia's duty on U.S. soda ash will result in millions of dollars in increased U.S. exports to the growing Australian market annually."
--John Andrews, ANSAC President

"The Entertainment Industry Coalition for Free Trade (EIC), a group of leading entertainment companies, trade associations and entertainment unions and guilds, today applauded the conclusion of the U.S. - Australia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)."
--Entertainment Industry Coalition for Free Trade (EIC)

"This agreement provides a model for intellectual property protection and enforcement that should be embraced worldwide and clearly demonstrates that promoting both cultural expression and open trade can be achieved in a trade agreement."
--Robert M. Kimmitt, Executive Vice President, Global Public Policy, Time Warner Inc.

"This new trade agreement is another important milestone in the efforts of Representative Zoellick and his team at USTR to improve protection of the intellectual property rights of composers, performers and sound recording producers."
--Mitch Bainwol, Chairman and CEO, Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

"AFMA is pleased to join EIC in applauding Robert Zoellick and USTR for ensuring that strong intellectual property provisions are included in the Australian Free Trade Agreement,"
--Jean Prewitt, President and CEO, AFMA

"This agreement is an important and promising one for the entertainment software industry, particularly given the position of Australia as a major market."
--Douglas Lowenstein, President, Entertainment Software Association (ESA)