USTR - U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab Welcomes Nomination of Ron Kirk
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U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab Welcomes Nomination of Ron Kirk

WASHINGTON, DC — Ambassador Susan C. Schwab said today that she welcomed the announcement that President–elect Obama intends to nominate Ron Kirk for the position of United States Trade Representative.

“The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) plays a critical role in the U.S. economy by promoting the open and fair trade of goods and services around the globe,” Ambassador Schwab said.  “Ron Kirk is an excellent choice and I hope that he continues the work that we have done to benefit U.S. workers, farmers and entrepreneurs.  As a former mayor of Dallas, which is a major hub of international business, he understands the importance of trade.

“The Bush Administration has made important strides in promoting U.S. trade interests during the past eight years,” she said.  “When President Bush came into office, the United States had Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) in force with only three countries.  Today, we have FTAs in force with 14 countries in Latin and North America, in Asia and the Middle East, and in North Africa.  The Administration is working to put FTAs with three other countries into force, and three more agreements await Congressional action. 

“We have laid the groundwork for an ambitious and balanced multilateral agreement in the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round,” Ambassador Schwab said.  “China, Vietnam and others joined the WTO during this period.  In addition, the United States took on and resolved multiple trade disputes, including the filing of 27 cases in the WTO with a success rate of 95 percent for winning or settling U.S.-initiated cases.  This record includes seven cases challenging Chinese barriers to U.S. goods, services, and intellectual property in the seven years since China joining the WTO.

“I am proud of USTR’s accomplishments in opening markets, as well as its excellent record of enforcing our trade agreements,” Schwab said.  “This Administration will leave behind an exceptionally strong, pro-trade organization that will support the new U.S. Trade Representative as he continues to build on those accomplishments.”

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