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Advisors Named to Key Agricultural Trade Committees
Contact: Richard Mills/USTR (202) 395-3230; Alisa Harrison/USDA (202) 720-4623 05/12/2003

WASHINGTON, May 12, 2003 – Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman and U.S. Trade
Representative Robert B. Zoellick today announced the private sector appointees to seven agricultural trade advisory committees.

The members appointed to the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee for Trade (APAC) and six Agricultural Technical Advisory Committees for Trade (ATACs) will serve two-year appointments that coincide with the continuation of the Bush Administration’s aggressive push to open foreign markets to U.S. agricultural products.

"The future of U.S. agriculture hinges on our success in the international marketplace," said Veneman. "The members of the committees provide expertise and unique knowledge of the latest trade trends in the food and agricultural sector to assist with the development of effective negotiating objectives."

"American agriculture has provided critical support for our agenda of opening markets and expanding opportunities around the world, because when American farmers can compete fairly, they win. Coordinating with our agriculture community will continue to be important as the tempo of negotiations for global, regional and bilateral trade agreements intensifies," Zoellick said. "We must have the best possible advice and consultation as negotiations for the World Trade Organization’s Doha Development Agenda, the Free Trade Area of the Americas and our free trade agreement talks with Central America, Morocco, the Southern African Customs Union, and Australia proceed."

Congress established these committees in 1974 to ensure a private sector voice in establishing U.S. trade policy and trade negotiation objectives. Members on the APAC and ATACs are important to advancing the Administration’s aggressive agenda to liberalize agricultural trade, expanding access for U.S. food and agricultural products in overseas markets, and reducing unfair competition.

Agricultural products face extensive barriers in foreign markets including tariffs and non-tariff measures. U.S. exports of high-value products have increased and are expected to continue to be a significant factor in agricultural trade. Therefore, USDA and USTR have established a new processed foods ATAC.

The APAC provides advice on overall policy objectives regarding agricultural trade issues. The ATACs offer more detailed technical advice and information on specific commodities. The six ATACs are:

· Animals and Animal Products

· Fruits and Vegetables

· Grains, Feed, and Oilseeds

· Processed Foods

· Sweeteners and Sweetener Products

· Cotton, Peanuts, Planting Seeds, and Tobacco

APAC and ATAC members are appointed primarily for their expertise and knowledge of agricultural trade as it relates to policy and commodity-specific products. Lists of members by committee are attached.

Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee for Trade



Charles D. Ahlem

Charles Ahlem Ranch

Gaylon B. Booker

National Cotton Council

James P. "Patrick" Boyle

American Meat Institute

Carl W. Brothers

Riceland Foods, Inc.

Joyce Cacho

Rabobank International

James P. Camerlo

Dairy Farmers of America

Karen B. Caplan

United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

Stephen L. Censky

American Soybean Association

Richard T. Crowder

American Seed Trade Association

Paul A. Drazek

DTB Associates, LLP

Michael D. Dykes

Monsanto Company

Audrae Erickson

Corn Refiners Association, Inc.

Carol Tucker Foreman

Consumer Federation of America

Richard L. Gady

ConAgra Foods, Inc.

Nicholas D. Giordano

National Pork Producers Council

David R. Graves

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

Thomas A. Hammer

National Oilseed Processors Association

Lucian J. "Jack" Hunt, III

King Ranch, Inc.

Kenneth R. Johannes

Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc.

John R. Keeling

National Potato Council

Robert P. Koch

Wine Institute

Luther A. Markwart

American Sugarbeet Growers Association

Gary C. Martin

North American Export Grain Association

Chester M. "Manly" Molpus

Grocery Manufacturers of America

Thomas A. Nassif

Western Growers

Charles J. "Joe" O'Mara

O'Mara and Associates

Karen Ross

CA Association of Winegrape Growers

Christian E. Schlect

Northwest Horticultural Council

Roy R. "Bob" Stallman, Jr.

American Farm Bureau Federation

Michael J. Stuart

Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association

James H. Sumner

USA Poultry & Egg Export Council

Constance E. Tipton

International Dairy Foods Association

Alan T. Tracy

U.S. Wheat Associates, Inc.

Elizabeth C. Ward

American Forest and Paper Association

Rodger L. Wasson

California Strawberry Commission

Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Animals and Animal Products



Jaime A. Castaneda

National Milk Producers Federation

Thomas M. Cook

National Renderers Association, Inc.

Gregory F. Doud

National Cattlemen's Beef Association

Richard A. Ellinghuysen

Producers Livestock Marketing Association

Richard G. Fritz

U.S. Meat Export Federation

John D. Hardin, Jr.

John Hardin Farms

Dana R. Hauck

Pike Trail Cattle Co., Inc.

James R. Hoben

Pilgrim's Pride Corporation

John E. Hogan

John Hogan, Attorney

Teresa J. Howes

American Farm Bureau Federation

Gregory A. Ibach

Nebraska Department of Agriculture

John W. Lincoln

Linholm Farm & New York Farm Bureau

Thomas W. May

Trugman-Nash, Inc.

Dennis D. McDonald

Open Spear Ranch

David L. Meeker

National Turkey Federation

Daniel P. Meyer

American Dairy Products Institute

Toby D. Moore

USA Poultry & Egg Export Council

Michael L. Mullins

Cargill, Inc.

James E. Peterson

Jim Peterson Ranch

John J. Reddington

American Meat Institute

William P. Roenigk

National Chicken Council

Alicia Sanchez

Red Doc Farm

Donald H. Schriver

Dairy Farmers of America

Jane E. Shey

Shey & Associates

Manuel S. Souza

Mel-Delin Dairy

Thomas M. Suber

U.S. Dairy Export Council

Jeffery M. Swain

Booth Creek Management Corporation

James E. Tillison

Alliance of Western Milk Producers

Gene L. Wiese

Wiese & Sons

Caren A. Wilcox

Caren Wilcox and Associates

Dennis C. Wolff

Pen-Col Farms

Robert D. Yonkers

National Cheese Institute


Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Fruits Animals and Vegetables



Dennis A. Balint

California Walnut Commission

Gerald K. Ball

Gary Ball, Inc.

John P. Baranek

The Herzog Company

Douglas C. Bournique

Indian River Citrus League

Susan L. Brauner

Blue Diamond Growers

Reginald L. Brown

Florida Tomato Exchange

Lauri D. Buckley

A. Duda and Sons, Inc.

James C. Christie

Bryant Christie, Inc.

Henry A. Collin, III

Sunsweet Growers

Alice M. Dettwyler

American Agri-Women

Chris A. Eckert

Eckert Orchards, Inc.

Hugh W. "Wally" Ewart

California Citrus Quality Council

Nancy E. Foster

U.S. Apple Association

Carolyn B. Gleason

McDermott, Will & Emery

Robert L. Guenther

United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association

Daniel D. Haley

Haley and Associates

Julian B. Heron     

Tuttle, Taylor, and Heron

John M. Himmelberg

O'Connor & Hannan, LLP

Richard A. Hudgins

California Canning Peach Association

Arthur G. Kawamura

Orange County Produce, LLC

Roger J. Knutzen

Knutzen Farms, LP

Barry F. Kriebel

Sun-Maid Growers of California

Andrew W. LaVigne

Florida Citrus Mutual

Joseph C. MacIlvaine

Paramount Farming Company

John M. McClung

Texas Produce Association

Kevin D. Moffitt

Pear Bureau Northwest

Joel A. Nelsen

California Citrus Mutual

James A. Pandol

Pandol Brothers, Inc.

Mark R. Powers

Northwest Horticultural Council

Freddie L. Richards, Sr.

Prairie View A&M University

Joseph A. Rollo

Wine Institute

Robert I. Schramm

Schramm, Williams and Associates, Inc.

Susan Spence

New York Wine & Grape Foundation

Michael J. Wootton

Sunkist Growers

Joseph C. Zanger

Casa de Fruta Orchards and Complex




Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Grain, Feed, and Oilseeds



Mark T. Anderson

Anderson Hay and Grain Co., Inc.

Gary R. Blumenthal

World Perspectives, Inc.

David A. Bossman

American Feed Industry Association

Kyd D. Brenner

DTB Associates, LLP

Thomas P. Buis

National Farmers Union

Robert E. Cummings, Jr.

USA Rice Federation

Steven J. Daugherty

Pioneer, A Dupont Company

Dennis R. DeLaughter

Progressive Farm Management, Inc.

Neal H. Fisher

North Dakota Wheat Commission

Dwain L. Ford

Ford Farms / M&D Seed Co.

John D. Gordley

Gordley Associates, Inc.

Paul B. Green

Paul B. Green International Marketing Consultant

John K. Hansen

Nebraska Farmers Union

Kenneth L. Hobbie

U.S. Grains Council

Mark E. Hodges

Oklahoma Wheat Commission

Lurlin L. Hoelscher

Hoelscher Ag Dist., Inc. & Agri Ltd. By Hoelscher

Herbert S. Karst

Karag, Inc. 

Alan R. Kemper

Kemper Farms

Larry W. Kleingartner

National Sunflower Association

Donald E. Latham

Latham Seed Company

David C. Lyons

Louis Dreyfus Corporation

Timothy D. McGreevy

USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council

Owen J. Newlin

Agronomic Science Foundation

Amy L. Philpott

National Dry Bean Council

John G. "Jack" Reed, Jr.

Archer Daniels Midland Company

Robert M. Reeves

Institute of Shortening and Edible Oils

Mark A. Rokala

Cornerstone Government Affairs

Candace A. Roper


Claude P. "Parr" Rosson, III

Texas A&M University

Michael E. Rue

Catlett Warehouse

Robert C. Rynning

Robert Rynning Farms

Ladd M. Seaberg

MGP Ingredients, Inc.

Barbara R. Spangler

Wheat Export Trade Education Committee

Stephen R. Tolman

National Corn Growers Association

Margaret A. "Ann" Tutwiler

International Food & Agricultural Trade Policy Council



Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Processed Foods



Robert B. Anderson

Sustainable Strategies

Marietta E. Bernot

International Trade Services Corporation

David J. Bliss

Private Label Manufacturers Association

Alison R. Bodor

National Confectioners Association

Lynn M. Bragg  

Chocolate Manufacturers Association

Karl B. Brown  

SB Global Foods

Catherine A. Caponi

H.J. Heinz Company

Leonard W. Condon

Altria Corporate Services, Inc.

Nancy K. Cook

Pet Food Institute

Donna J. Denison

Cassidy & Associates

Mark A. Dunn

J.R. Simplot Company

James P. Finkle

Constellation Brands, Inc.

George A. Franklin

Kellogg Company

Ronald P. Graf  

Hershey Foods Corporation

Steven F. Grover

National Restaurant Association

Timothy F. Hamilton

Miatco, Inc.

Gary J. Johnson  

McDonald's Corporation

Kelly D. Johnston

Campbell Soup Company

Rodney C. Jones

ConAgra Foods

Robert J. Kapuscinski  

Global Export Marketing Co., Ltd.

Kenneth L. Klippen

United Egg Producers

Steven P. Krikava

Land O'Lakes

Deborah A. Lamb

Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S., Inc.

Emily B. Lane

Portland Processing

Eric A. Larson  

Sabroso Company

John F. McDermid  

International Business-Govt. Counsellors, Inc

Miriam S. Perry

Processed Food Institute

Lisa Y. Rath 

Florida Citrus Processors Association

John P. Roberts

National Association for the Specialty Food Trade

Peggy S. Rochette

National Food Processors Association

Leslie G. Sarasin

American Frozen Food Institute

Sarah F. Thorn

Grocery Manufacturers of America

Juan J. Villarreal  

Sensient Dehydrated Flavors, Inc.

Charles K. Witzleben

Supervalu International



Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Sweetners and Sweetener Products



Margaret O. Blamberg

American Cane Sugar Refiners' Association

Van R. Boyette  

Okeelanta Corporation

Sarah A. Catala

United States Sugar Corporation

Otto A. "Al" Christopherson

Christopherson Farms

Thomas C. Earley

Promar International

Troy H. Fore, Jr.   

American Beekeeping Federation, Inc.

Benjamin A. Goodwin

California Beet Growers Association, Ltd.

Robert R. "Randy" Green

McLeod, Watkinson and Miller

Patrick D. Henneberry

Imperial Sugar Company

Alfred P. Hensler

Masterfoods USA

Roland E. Hoch

Global Organics, Ltd.

James W. Johnson, Jr.

United States Beet Sugar Association

Kenneth F. Lorenze

Kraft Foods

Kent M. Peppler

Kent Peppler Farms

Donald M. Phillips, Jr.

American Sugar Alliance

Kevin S. Price

American Crystal Sugar Company

John C. "Jack" Roney   

American Sugar Alliance

David H. Stafford

Grocery Manufacturers of America

Charles L. Thibaut

Evan Hall Sugar Co-op., Inc.

Linda K. Thrasher

Cargill, Inc.

Donald L. Wallace, Jr.

American Sugar Cane League

Frederick D. "Dalton" Yancey, III

Florida Sugar Cane League, Inc.


Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Cotton, Peanuts, Planting Seeds, and Tobacco



Gary M. Adams

National Cotton Council

Jeannette H. Anderson

American Peanut Council

Dale M. Artho

Dale and Kathy Artho Farms

Otto Bean, Jr.

Jason and Otto Bean Partnership

Jessie T. Bunn  

Leaf Tobacco Exporters Association

W.L. Carter, Jr.

North Carolina Cotton Producers Association

Mark S. Condon

American Seed Trade Association

Thomas R. Cotton, Jr.

Peanut Growers Cooperative Marketing

Andrew M. Coyle  

Kentucky Farm Bureau

William B. Dunavant, III

Dunavant Enterprises, Inc.

Charles R. Earnest  

Dolphin Land Company

William A. Gillon  

Butler, Snow, O'Mara, Stevens and Cannada, PLLC.

Kater D. Hake

Delta and Pine Land Company

Luby A. Hamm, Jr.

Fue-Cured Tobacco Cooperative Stabilization Corp.

Kenneth B. Hood

Perthshire Farms

Jeffrey B. Johnson  

Birdsong Peanuts

Kevin L. Kimle  

Decision Commodities, LLC

Will C. Kinzel Case  

New Holland, Inc.

Donald E. Koehler GA  

Agricultural Commodity Commission for Peanuts

Dewey A. Lewis, Jr.

Chapman and Lewis Farms, Inc.

Larry D. Meyers

Meyers and Associates

Donald M. Nelson, Jr.

Altria Corporate Services, Inc.

Richard E. Pasco

American Peanut Product Manufacturers, Inc.

Evans J. Plowden, Jr.

American Peanut Shellers Association

Thomas W. Smith   

Calcot, Ltd.

Mary K. Thatcher

American Farm Bureau Federation

Clyde N. Wayne, Jr.

Tobacco Associates, Inc.

Robert S. Weil, II  

Weil Brothers Cotton, Inc.

Larry B. Wooten

North Carolina Farm Bureau





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