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Ambitious Trade Agenda Outlined in Annual Report
Contact: Richard Mills, Ricardo Reyes | (202) 395-3230 03/03/2003

WASHINGTON – The Bush Administration submitted to Congress on Friday the 2003 Trade Policy Agenda and the 2002 Annual Report of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreements Program. The report outlines the Administration's trade initiatives for this year, and summarizes the accomplishments in 2002.

"Over the past year President Bush and his Administration have restored America's leadership on trade and are now pressing aggressively to secure the benefits of open markets for American families, farmers, manufacturers, workers, consumers and businesses," said U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick. "Having reestablished U.S. trade leadership around the globe, the President is now working with Congress on an activist agenda to expand economic freedom at home and abroad."

Trade achievements in 2002 include:

• Renewal of the Executive-Congressional partnership through Trade Promotion Authority.

• Submission of far-reaching proposals to the World Trade Organization (WTO), including plans to remove all tariffs on manufactured goods, open agriculture and services markets, and address the special needs of poorer developing countries.

• U.S. leadership in negotiations to create the largest free trade zone in the world – the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

• Completion of free trade negotiations with Chile and Singapore.

• Initiation of an ambitious series of free trade negotiations with the five countries of the Southern African Customs Union; the five countries in the Central American Common Market; Morocco; and, Australia.

• Renewal and expansion of critical trade preference programs that provide developing countries around the world with access to the U.S. market, promote economic development and security, and bring increased choice and value to American consumers.

• Continued monitoring of China's and Taiwan's compliance with WTO obligations, a year after their historic entry into membership in the 144-nation trade body.

The 2003 Trade Policy Agenda and 2002 Annual Report is prepared according to the guidelines established under the Trade Act of 1974, as amended. Copies of the report are available on the USTR website (

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