How to Navigate the Section 301 Tariff Process

  • Step One: Know Your HTS Subheading
    • Every product subject to a proposed or ongoing Section 301 tariff action is identified by an 8-digit or 10-digit HTS Subheading. This search engine allows you to search by an 8-digit HTS Subheading to obtain information about a proposed or ongoing Section 301 tariff action.
    • If you do not know the HTS subheading for your product, please contact your supplier, distributer, or customs broker.
    • Don't know what an HTS Subheading is? To learn more, visit
  • Step Two: Find Your HTS Subheading
    • The HTS Subheadings are sorted into four separate tariff actions:
      • The $34 Billion Tariff Action (List 1);
      • The $16 Billion Tariff Action (List 2);
      • The $200 Billion Tariff Action (List 3); and
      • The $300 Billion Tariff Action (List 4).
    • To determine if an HTS Subheading is subject to a proposed or ongoing Section 301 Tariff Action, enter the 8-digit HTS Subheading into the search field, and press SEARCH.
    • Each HTS Subheading includes a corresponding article description.
  • Step Three: Submit a Comment or Exclusion Request Based on Your HTS Subheading
    • If the comment period or product exclusion request period is open for a Section 301 tariff action, the due date will include a hyperlink that will direct you to the relevant electronic docket where a comment or product exclusion request may be submitted.
  • For product exclusion status, visit the Product Exclusion Process section on the $34 Billion Trade Action (List 1), $16 Billion Trade Action (List 2), $200 Billion Trade Action (List 3), or $300 Billion Trade Action (List 4) webpages.
  • For additional questions, please contact the Section 301 Hotline at (202) 395-5725.

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