USTR - How to search USTR
The Office of the United States Trade Representative

How to search USTR
Type phrase into the entry box that you want to search for, then click the search button.
The search will first try to match the phrase, then words in the phrase.  Phrases can include words and numbers.
Capitalization doesn't matter and punctuation will be ignored. Single letters will also be ignored.
QueryGets the documents with
stock market  the phrase 'stock market', then 'stock' and 'market', then 'stock' or 'market' , then each word in the phrase
stock marketsthe variations listed above and will also search for 'market' and 'markets'         
2000  the number 2000 
stock market 2000 the phrase 'stock market 2000', then 'stock' and 'market' and 2000, then 'stock' or 'market' or 2000