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Michael J. Delaney

Chairman of the Trade Policy Staff Committee and Special Trade Representative for Post-Conflict Countries

Michael Delaney leads the Trade Policy Staff Committee, managing the interagency trade process in the Office of Trade Policy and Economics.  He also serves as Special Trade Representative for Post-Conflict countries, including managing our relationships with Iraq and Afghanistan and working on special projects with the South and Central Asia office.  Mr. Delaney previously served as Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Central and South Asia.

Mr. Delaney is a commissioned Senior Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State. Since entering the Foreign Service in 1982, much of his career has been devoted to the development of US trade. In Portugal (1983-85), he helped negotiate various tariff issues related to that country's accession to the European Union. In Brazil (1985-87), he was the lead State officer in several trade issues, including US trade actions involving Brazil's informatics and pharmaceuticals patent policies. In Geneva (1987-1990) with the GATT/WTO, he helped re-negotiate the WTO Government Procurement Code. Mr. Delaney also was a member of the US delegation that implemented the US-Japan Semiconductor Arrangement.

In Korea (1990-93), Mr. Delaney was responsible for managing many bilateral issues, including standards and intellectual property. In Finland (1994-98), he was the chief Embassy officer responsible for tariff negotiations related to that country's accession to the European Union. After serving for a year as Diplomat-in-Residence at the East-West Center in Hawaii, Mr. Delaney was appointed Economic Counselor at the US Embassy in Canberra, Australia, where he worked with Washington agencies in negotiating the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement (1999-2004). He played a similar role as Economic Counselor in Bangkok, Thailand (2004-2006) with the US-Thailand Free Trade Agreement negotiations.

Immediately prior to his appointment at USTR, Mr. Delaney served as US Political Adviser to NATO Southern Regional Command in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Michael Delaney is a graduate of Emory University (1975) and The University of Chicago (1979).